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How Content Marketing Benefits Small Businesses

It may sound like additional work to do content marketing because it actually is. But there are many benefits that you can get that far outweigh the effort, time and money that you put into it. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you get when you consider making content the center of your digital marketing strategy.

1. Content Gives Consistent Value

Once you start producing and distributing quality content on a consistent basis, you provide your audience with ongoing value. Not only that, but search engines such as Google will hunt down your fresh and relevant content and add this to the ranking conversion. You are giving yourself a search ranking boost if you regularly put out quality content to your readers.

2. Content Marketing Gives You a Shareable Commodity

The power that comes from word of mouth advertising is still powerful. Are you aware that 82% of Americans are looking for recommendations from friends and family before they make a purchase? The takeaway in this is simple. By bringing something helpful to your audience, they will appreciate and share the information you have provided. This eventually means repeat and referral business on your end.

3. Your Content Fuels Your Online Marketing Channels

Even providing a little content goes a long way. Publishing a blog post, as an example can be shared by people across social media, featured in weekly newsletters or be repurposed as an attractive infographic. Aside from that, gated content that requires readers to fill out lead capture forms can be used to obtain data and gather new leads.

4. Content Marketing Improves Your Credibility

It is a nice gesture to tell your customers that you’re available to answer any of their questions. However, it would be even better if you could demonstrate to them your expertise on a regular basis and gain credibility as an industry expert. With content marketing, you have the opportunity to do both.

Every piece of informative content you make and share through online marketing not only improves credibility, but it also solidifies you as a top resource when questions in your industry arise.

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3 Important SEO Trends to Look Into for 2017

One of the most cost-effective ways to promote and maintain the online presence of your brand is through search engine optimization or SEO. By clearly defining a solid strategy, you will even be able to stay on top of your competition in the search rankings.

But what is the secret to getting sensational SEO? Get these three things below right, and you will be able to enjoy more effective SEO and better visibility in Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

1. Mobile Will Be Indexed First

For several months now, we’ve been told that ‘mobile friendliness’ has become a crucial factor in determining how a website is going to rank in the SERPs when it responds to a keyword query. That is why many web developers have started to apply techniques to make websites more ‘mobile responsive.’ So, should you start doing?

First is that you need to make sure that you have a responsive or dynamic website where the content and markup is similar in both desktop and mobile devices. If your website has an version, it is now time to update it to a more responsive design.

Although it is going to take some work to satisfy this new indexing strategy of Google, your effort will surely pay off as the search engine giant ramps up on its commitment.

2. Optimize for the User’s Intent

As the years roll along, Google is getting better and better at studying user intent – which is what a user wants when they type the keywords in the search engine. Are they looking to do something such as purchase a new pair of shoes? Do they want to travel somewhere? Are they trying to learn a new recipe?

A growing number of users are now entering more long-tail queries and direct questions into search engines. Due to this, Google is reacting to the change by tapping into its knowledge graph and displaying results through snippets like List Snippets, Featured Answers and Table Snippets.

You will need to review your site’s content and identify opportunities which will allow you to optimize based on user intent and questions instead of just specific keywords. Take advantage of user micro-moments by finding out user questions through keyword research and strategically publish your content to meet such demand.

3. Start Utilizing Voice Search

Voice search has been around with us for quite a few years already. Ask anyone who has an iOS mobile device, and you can be sure that they have used Siri.

With the improving technology and the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home making their way into our living rooms, one of the fastest-growing types of search is now through voice search. It is predicted that by 2020, half of all searches in the world is going to be done through voice.

This new feature changes the way we figure out our keywords, changing the focus based on location and more personalized content. Because of this, the long-tailed keyword phrases are now more important than ever.

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